Home Repair & Roofing Services In Central Florida

Whether you are planning home improvements, dealing with storm damage, remodeling or selling your home, O-Town Roofing offers solutions to enhance the look and value of the entire property. Here are the home improvement and roofing services for local Orlando homeowners:

Roof Replacement

Completely re-roofing your home is a large investment and requires an experienced roofing contractor with the skills to get the job done quickly. Read more about roof replacement here.

Roof Repair

Whether you have a minor leak or large problem on your hands, we offer affordable roof leak repair services for the Central Florida community.

Flat Roofs

A low-sloped roofing system requires special materials and the application process is different than traditional shingles. Find out more here!

Tile Roofing

Get the Spanish-Mediterranean appeal from a clay or concrete tile roof. A long lasting roofing system with an Old World look. Read more here.

Metal Roofing

When properly installed, there’s no other roofing system that will out perform or outlast a standing seam metal roof. Get the details here.

Solar Roof Shingles

Residential solar roofing shingles offer a low-profile, energy efficient solution to those looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Read more.

Roof Ventilation

One of the most overlooked areas of a good roofing system is roof vents. Depending on the type of construction, ventilation is a critical component to a long lasting roof. Find out about it here.


A great solution for adding natural light to a home when windows may not be an option. Velux or tubular skylights are a perfect solution.


Are your heating and cooling costs rising? Windows are one of the main culprits to increased energy consumption and costs. Find out how replacement windows can help dramatically reduce your electric bill.

Seamless Gutters

Aluminum seamless gutters are an important part of a roof. They divert water away from the home and prevent erosion around your foundation. Read more here.

Gutter Guards

You’ve made the decision to install gutters, now you need to keep them free and clear of debris in order to work properly. Gutter guards are the perfect solution to protect your investment. Read more.


Choosing the right type of exterior cladding for your home comes down to architectural style and cost. Cement and vinyl siding are cost effective solutions for those seeking that traditional look.


Is it time to add some square footage or update your home? Read about our remodeling services for Orlando homeowners here.

Our Process

During our initial visit, an experienced Orlando roofing contractor will “walk the roof” of your home to identify the current status of the roofing components. Following a review of your roofing needs, an estimate detailing our findings, recommendations and cost will be sent to you.

For new roofs, a project manager will schedule delivery of materials to your home prior to the arrival of the roofing crew. At the time of delivery, roofing materials are machine lifted onto the roof or otherwise placed in your empty driveway if electric lines obstruct the lift or if the roof is made of shake or slate. Homeowners are advised in advance to protect or remove valuable items in the attic area and around the home prior to the installation day. On the day work is to begin, weather permitting, a foreman will be on-site to ensure that work is done according to work order and in a timely manner. Throughout the roofing project, O-Town Roofing Inc. will take every precaution to protect existing shrubs and flower beds.

Once the roofing project is completed, a supervisor will inspect the installed roofing components for workmanship. All work areas are raked for loose debris.