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Benefits Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

When considering what type of roofing system to put on your Orlando home or business, you should seriously consider metal roofing. A superior roof in all aspects, a standing seam metal roof offers durability, sustainability and beauty all rolled into one system. They are arguably the longest lasting roof that often come with a limited lifetime warranty and depending on the manufacturer, up to 50 years! Their highly reflective properties and special coatings makes them an energy efficient roof that can help save on heating and cooling costs which adds up to significant savings over time. When compared to asphalt shingles, 24g metal roofs out perform in all areas. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Will not crack, rust or rot
  • Fire resistant – When compared to traditional shingles
  • Reflect Sun’s Heat
  • Energy Efficient – Keeps attics cooler, thus reducing energy costs
  • Made from recycled aluminum material
  • Offered in a range of fade-resistant colors that easily integrate into the home’s architectural style

These are just a few of the benefits a high quality metal roofing system offers. Over a lifespan, a good metal roof will help owners save considering the average home owner replaces a shingle roof 3-4 times during ownership.

Types of Metal Roofs

Overview – There are several different kinds of metal or steel roofing systems Central Florida home owners can choose from. Most of which have to do with the thickness of metal, profile and how local Orlando roofers installed or attached to the roof. Here are some of the most common types of steel roofs:

5v Crimp Roof – 5v crimped roofs are similar to standing seam roofs however, the main difference is they have a lower profile and exposed fasteners. As with any roofing system, it’s a good idea to have periodic inspections to ensure it is performing the way it should and to avoid costly roof repairs. Exposed fasteners will need to be checked and sealed from time to time, whereas a standing seam roof has concealed fasteners and require less maintenance. Another benefit of standing seam roofs is that they come in a variety of colors from the manufacturer. A 5v crimped roof is typically galvanized steel that can be coated or painted if desired. It is important to note that this is an additional cost as compared to standing seam roofing.

Standing Seam – Color coated standing seam metal roofs have concealed fasteners and are “seamed” together using a special tool called a seaming tool. This creates a water tight seal covering the attachment points and screws. Unlike 5v crimped roofs, this type of installation drastically reduces the chance of water infiltration through the points of attachment.

Corrugated Steel Roof – Typically used in Agricultural metal roofing, corrugated steel roofs come in similar thicknesses (29g, 26g) as residential or commercial metal roofing. They are offered in a variety of profiles from a waved or ribbed to boxed, flat or v beam. Though typically not common practice in today’s standards, corrugated metal roofs can be found on some residential homes and commercial buildings.

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