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One of the oldest types of roofing systems, tile roofing has withstood the ages. It is a beautiful, rustic looking roof with Spanish-Mediterranean influence that blends in well with Florida architecture.

In the more recent years tile roofs have evolved. From light weight synthetic roof tiles to solar roof tiles, homeowners can now take advantage of energy savings and a long lasting roof that won’t crack or break due to the synthetic polymers used during manufacturing.

Spanish Tile Roofing in Orlando
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Common Types of Roof Tiles

Home owners have several different options when it comes to choosing what type of tile roofing they would prefer. Here are the most common:

Concrete Tile Roofing

– Cement roof tiles are a heavier tile that tend to be a bit stronger than traditional clay roof tiles. They come in a variety of profiles and can be painted with reflective coatings that offer energy efficient savings.

Spanish Clay Tile Roofing

– Spanish roof tiles come in a variety of “blends” that offer an Old World, rustic visually appealing look to your home. These are some of the most popular types of roof tile installed in Florida.

Barrel Roof Tiles

– Barrel tiles are similar to clay in coloring, however, they have a half-round profile as opposed to the “S” shaped profile of Spanish Clay. These tiles are also known as the old “Mission Style” roofs.

Slate Roof Tiles

– Slate tile is made from natural stone deep in the Earth’s crust. Traditionally, natural slate roofs have a history of European influence, they have a flat profile and are typically grey to dark grey in color. Synthetic slate is a great alternative due to the fact it is lighter in weight and comes in various color palates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Roofing

Can roof tiles be made to not look like Spanish tile?

Yes. As mentioned above, synthetic roof tiles are becoming more popular due to the fact the can be shaped, molded and colored to almost any specifications for custom homes.

Is it hard to install a tile roof? Can I do it on my own?

Tile roofing is definitely a little more complicated than traditional asphalt roof shingle installation. In Orlando Florida, you basically are installing 2 roofing systems. The underlayment, which is now typically a peel-n-stick modified bitumen membrane and the tile itself. Things such as skylights need to be properly flashed in order to prevent water intrusion. As with all DIY projects that might seem fun at first thought, installing a tile roof requires experience, skill and specialty tools that most home owners simply don’t have. In our opinion, it would be an expensive lesson to learn if not done correctly and per Florida building code requirements.

Are Tile Roofs Fireproof?

The short answer is no. The long answer is they do have a Class A fire rating and can withstand a lot more heat than asphalt shingles…which by the way are made of petroleum! The good news is that a Class A fire rating should qualify you for a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Are Tile Roofs Energy Efficient?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief that tile roofing retains too much heat making your home hotter in the summer, they actually provide some insulating value. This is due to the air space between the tile and the roof decking.

Are Tile Roofs Difficult To Maintain?

All roofs require maintenance and tile roofing is no different. Regular cleaning is recommended due to the fact, over time, algae can build up. Most often, your roofing contractor will inspect the roof prior to cleaning and let you know if there are any broken tiles that need to be repaired or replaced.

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