Hiring An Orlando Roofing Contractor – What You Should Know

Check Credentials

A qualified Florida roofing contractor should have a permanent place of business, a phone number, a tax ID number, and, where required, a business license. Also ask for proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Otherwise, you might be liable for job site accident coverage.

Do You Know?

Check your local Orlando building department to see how many times you may re-cover an existing roof with another layer of similar roofing materials. Some communities only allow two layers of roofing material, and require that any additional layers be torn off before more roofing can be installed.

General Roofing Tips

Inspect your roof from a safe vantage point using binoculars. Look for missing, cracking, and curling shingles. If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, also look for areas that seem to lack granular covering. You can examine your roof from the inside, too. In your attic space, use a flashlight to look for water stains that may indicate a growing roof leak.

We Recommend

In planning your next major remodeling project, don’t forget to consider the look and style of your roofing. When you consider that the average roof comprises 40 percent of a home’s visible exterior, you want it to look good.

If you wish to discuss your roofing and remodeling needs with qualified contractors, contact O-Town Roofing Inc. and get reliable advice from a company you can trust.