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Without the right roof ventilation system you will shorten the life of your roof. The changes in temperature will cause enormous damage if good air flow is not present. With the right attic ventilation you will be able to remove moisture and heat in your attic space while lowering heating and cooling costs for the interior of your home.

There are many different ventilation systems available to you; solar vents, static vents, power and ridge vents, turbine vents, soffit and cornice vents etc. They come in various shapes and sizes and only an experienced roofer will be able to tell you, which one is suitable for your roof. Enter O-Town Roofing, Inc.

Don’t be fooled by the concept of more being better. Have an Orlando roofer come and quote what system will suit your requirements for your optimal roof ventilation. Don’t leave it chance. Do it now for peace of mind and a well ventilated roof!

Your most important roof ventilation is for your attic if you have one. Having good ventilation in your attic brings down the temperature drastically in the hot weather. Condensation in this case is as bad as a roof leak would be and it causes as much damage.
Air Hawk Roof Vent
If your roof or attic space is not ventilated properly you could be looking at the following problems:

  • Water vapor condensing on metal causing rust
  • In colder temperatures mixing with warmer temperatures in roof/attic causes frost then dry rot
  • Mildew it damages your roof and is bad for your health.
  • Deteriorates your roofing system prematurely
  • Servicing of cooling units have to be done more frequently
  • Ice dams melting snow refreezing, causing leaks

With the use of a proper attic ventilation system all of these causes are eliminated or greatly reduced. For a vent to be at its most effective it has to be measured by its Net Free Vent Area. Precise calculation is needed when working out where to place vents to be at their most effective.

You may ask what the best type of ventilation to use is. You need both intake ventilation and exhaust ventilation. This combination gives you maximum air circulation. The best is continuous soffit and ridge ventilation. However, with roofing in Orlando Florida, off-ridge vents are commonly used due to wind blown rain tends to infiltrate the home easier with continuous ridge vents

If you wish to discuss your ventilation system needs with qualified roofing contractors, contact our company today and speak to a attic ventilation specialist for more help.